TodaysMama and Gamestop contest :)

Hi Everyone,

 I decided to take a few minutes of my recoup time to sign up for this awesome contest.  The questions also seemed pretty fun to answer too :) 

Mama’s Holiday Wish List Meme

TodaysMama (link to: and GameStop (link to: are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.

1. What is your holiday wish for your family? Have a happy and healthy holiday!  Enjoy the time with each other.
2. What is your Christmas morning tradition? We just started it two years ago, fresh monkey bread baking while we are opening presents.  We get it ready Christmas Eve before bed.  Just one more thing for the kiddos to be excited about. 
3. If you could ask Santa for one, completely decadent wish for yourself, what would it be?

Mytilene Greece :)  I have always dreamed of going to Greece to find out more of my great-great grandmother who I am named after.  My runners up would be either England or Germ…

Pres Monson :)

I just have to say, I thank Thee O God for a Prophet!!! For years I have sat back in silent admiration for our dear, loving prophet. I have been inspired and humbled by many of his wonderful teachings. I know that I'm not really supposed to share many of my work experiences but I couldn't help share a wonderful, humorous side of our prophet.

Monday night I took a call from Pres Monson, he was looking for one of his secretaries who happened to not be available. He said that he would try again later and that maybe he would take a drive. He joked and even mentioned taking a walk on the boardwalk. I don't know how it happened but all of a sudden he and I were talking about Monopoly and he was quizzing me on the different names on the Monopoly board. I have to admit I must be a lousy Monopoly player, I could only remember a few of the properties. I even cheated a little and tried to google the Monopoly board for help. Pres Monson just laughed and said he's played longer tha…

"Pajanimals" - "La-La-Lullaby"

This is Seth's favorite lullaby :) He loves to sing this before bed. We go down to the computer, find it on youtube and then we sing it together. He is very picky about the parts too. Mommy sings all of the parts except for the duck. He loves singing the ducks part. I melt whenever I hear him trying to sing it by himself. Now if I can just find the CD somewhere :)

Love you Seth.

My New Life

I found this clip about Stephanie Nielson by accident. For the past year I have been reading her story as she deals with the struggles and challenges of starting her life over. I started reading just a few days before she was to come out of her coma. I was so inspired by this woman that I have never met. I am still inspired by her. There are some days that I think "why me". Why do I have to go through this? It is normally something small, something that seems big at the time but is really not. I read her words and it makes me stop and think, that "why me" moment is actually a blessing in disguise. It is a learning moment given to me by our Heavenly Father. It is up to me to decide, am I going to lay back down and curl up in a ball or am I going to stand up and face the situation head on. I also find myself looking at my family differently. I have always tried to make sure that I tell my children that I love them. I tell them that they are beautiful or …

Gratitude list for my "chillins"

About two weeks ago, I went to pick up my vacuum and move it away from our stairs so noone would get hurt. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell myself that. As I picked it up and turned I felt a sharp pain go thru the upper shoulder area of my back. Great! I pulled something. That's ok I thought, it'll be ok tomorrow. Well, seems like tomorrow kept going and going and here we are two weeks worth of "tomorrows". I started going to the chiropractor last Thurs. I did not like him for probably the next 4 days. Yesterday I finally started to like him. The pain is going away :) No more feeling like my breaths been taken away. Woohoo!! I can also pick up Caleb out of his crib and not feel like I'm going to cry. Woohoo, even better. Who can resist picking up such a cute little dude! Anyway, my kiddos yesterday did some little but huge things for me. I don't think they really realize how much I appreciate it so I am making sure that all of you know how muc…

Service Project Update

This is info I received from Bree Strong. Her mom visited our troop and discussed what her organization, Healing Hands for Haiti, does for the people of Haiti. She talked to the girls about the recent earthquake and what the people must be going through. Our troop collected items to make hygiene kits for her to take to Haiti last week. Here is update regarding the trip.

Dear Friends-

First of all I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the donations for Haiti we received!!! We received enough donations to make 140 hygiene kits (put together with love by Birkley & Peyton's girl scout troup & our neighborhood boy scouts) and a TON of clothing & blankets. We packed up all the hygiene kits and as much of the clothes as we thought they would take and delivered them to the pick up location Tuesday night. There was a TON of stuff.

I am amazed at the humble & giving people I am friends with and I am grateful for all of your willingness to jump at the cha…

Girl Scout Troop 2233 Service Project for Haiti

Hi Everyone,

As I'm sure all of you are aware, there has been a great deal of loss in the country of Haiti. When I met with my Girl Scouts on Tuesday night, I asked them if they were aware of the earthquake that had occured and if they would like to do something to help. Immediately, every hand went up. Before I had a chance to offer the suggestions to the girls that I had, they started pouring out ideas of different ways we could help. It ranged from making blankets, donating all of our cookie money they are currently trying to earn, sending clothing and so forth. We have decided upon two organizations that we would like to help. The first is Healing Hands for Haiti and the other is Soles 4 Souls. Healing Hands main focus in the past has been to help those who have disabilities obtain prosthetics and the rehabilitation they need. Soles 4 Souls collects new or gently used shoes to send to those in need.

I know that most of you have recently assisted my son Adam with his…